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Etna. The wines of the Volcano

Salvo Foti

14x21,4, ISBN 978-88-7751-463-9, pagg. 200,48 ill. - Cod: 202003

€ 20,00 / (L.38.725)

Every bottle of wine is a book to be carefully read. We should know something about the author, the setting and when it was written. From each bottle we will learn an always changing story, which can be constantly traced back to the territory, vines and culture of the women and men who produced it. Before evaluating or criticizing a wine, as we should do with people, we need to study the bottle we are tasting. We must let knowledge take precedent over judgment. Knowing helps us understand and carry out a solid assessment. A “fine wine” is a balanced and complex wine. Balance and harmony in a wine are something intrinsic, immediately perceived by all our senses.
This includes hearing, as every wine poured into the glass has its own sound. These perceptions come from far away – the grapes, vineyard, vine, environment (climate and soil), people (individuals and culture). A balanced vine, with the correct leaf-fruit surface ratio, adapted to the environment and in keeping with the woman or man who cultivates it, can only give a harmonious and complex wine. It is impossible to define what a quality wine is. This would be like defining or finding a flawless man or woman. Our way of being, as well as wine, is relative. It depends on the environment (the area) where you live, your past (vineyard and varieties), the present (the vintage), your culture (the winegrower, the winemaker), a specific moment (winemaking) as well as the future (refining and ageing).
There are two types of wine: the wine of a person and the wine of people. The former has a lifetime associated with a person, while the latter depends on a civilization, a territory, and goes beyond, outliving a single man or woman. Wine from Mt. Etna means wine of the people.

Premise, Salvo Foti – Preface, Rocco Di Stefano – Between history and mythology – The palmento of Mt. Etna – The etnean Alberello beauty and excellence – The antique winemaking traditions of Etna – Bygone stories – I Vigneri – The pedoclimatic environment of Mt. Etna – Contrade and faces of Mt. Etna – Current situation – Climate change – Viticulture and the environment – Wine, humankind and nature – Mt. Etna’s indigenous grapes – Etna’s verticality – Minerality – Ancient vineyards and new technology for high-quality wines – The products of Mt. Etna – Notes – References

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